Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We Trick-or-Treat. I did a lot of theatre in school, and my original plan in life was to be a high school theatre teacher. I LOVE the costumery (real word? Eh, you get it.) of the "holiday". For us, it's a chance to spend time together as a family, playing dress up, and visiting with friends and neighbors. I know that for some, there are very negative connotations with Halloween, but we have chosen to just enjoy it as a fun family time.

Today after school, we went to the WallyWorld to pick up costumes. (I do love me a 50% off sale!) J is going to be Luigi (they didn't still have Mario in his size, much to his dismay.) E is going to be a GI Joe character - Duke, I think. M has decided to be a bride, dress, veil and bouquet. We plan to go with the neighbor crew (and you all might as well get used to hearing about those kids too, 'cause they're all basically attached at the hip. C is E's best friend, and G is C's little sister - she's the youngest of the whole crew at 4.) We'll head over to my mom's house for Trick-or-Treat because she lives in a great neighborhood, where as we live out in the sticks. That gives us a big, active neighborhood AND a home base for potty breaks and chances to warm up if it's cold.

If you and yours will be out and about Saturday night, pillowcases in hand, what will your little ones be wearing?

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  1. My oldest will be a firefighter and my youngest will be a monkey. And I will post pics of MY costume this weekend! ;-)