Thursday, October 29, 2009

The "Miss" of Hit or Miss!

That's what I felt like today was!

I had a list. Because, well, I forget stuff. So, I make lists when there are a number of really important things to get done. And on the good days, I remember where I put the lists. *sigh* On today's list was a phone appointment with my husband's HR rep to make sure I filled out the new insurance papers correctly. Enter Avon Orders. Run past the store to purchase deodorant for husband. Public library to drop off the movie that E finally found. Last parent teacher conference (E's). And if there was time, haircuts all around, and some time in my office trying to relocate desk surfaces.

I eventually got the insurance papers done and in. Haircuts were accomplished. Parent teacher conference attended. And in the midst of it all, my six year old daughter decided it was a good day to try to have a complete and total meltdown. Like a two year old style tantrum. Snot bubbles and tears. While I'm trying to have a mini-meeting with my call center supervisor. And every time we get in the van. And when I tell her I'm not buying some random piece of whatever at Big Lots.

We are way beyond regular naps. Today, however, it was apparent that we needed one. It was exhausting to deal with. I think part of that was that I'm not nearly as tolerant of that behavior as I was when they were two. I mean, you expect it then. But at six, I have different expectations, and I'm very clear about what they are. And foot-stomping, door-slamming, name calling hissy fits in the middle of my office? Not on the list.

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  1. I was such a drama queen (or princess, I should say) as a little girl, and I always threw massive temper tanturms. I hope my daughter doesn't take after me!

    LOL on your pervasive "lists"-- I have mine too, and often I lose them. In fact, the other day, DH had to tape it to the back door so I would remember it on my way out of the house!