Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is this week OVER yet!?

Maybe it's just me. It's been a crazy week at work so far- we have this loan product that is a limited time offer, and we've been BUSY with it! (Got word this morning, however, that today is the last day. Won't lie. Not sorry.) We're trying to wrap up the last of tax class this week, as well, and I have had a lot happening personally. My step-brother is leaving for the Air Force this weekend, so a bunch of us went out Saturday for a "farewell tour" event. Sunday was our big Colts/Pats game (Go HORSE!) and Monday, my step-mother was in town for the night, and after I wrapped up with class, we hooked up to relax and have a drink with the crew. Tuesday was another late day at the office, and tonight, as I type this up, it's nearly 8pm and, well, I'm still at work.

It's these really busy bursts that are hard as a mom, and that make me so grateful that I have such a great support system. My kids are used to doing homework at one of my office desks, and are nearly qualified to answer tax questions and be tech support. My boss is great about them being able to be in the office as needed. My husband is great about the fact that he's a tax widow from about Christmas on through that April 15th deadline. Even my neighbors have been lifelines this week as I've been pulled in 100 different directions. This is when it starts to get hard.

But the flip side of that is the rest of the time. The weeks where no one needs anything more in an office than the occasional copy of a 1040 or W-2. When the phone doesn't ring for days on end. When I look at my boss and tell him I'm going home, and when I get there, I'm throwing stuff in a bag and we'll be back sometime next week. So my kids and I can do things like

Have a fun lunch at the Rainforest Cafe


Learn how to throw our own fish back when fishing with Papaw,

Or take them to the top of an old DNR fire tower and show them the view at sunset.

So, for as hectic as this week has been, I can be thankful that next week is all mine. I'll get to enjoy family and friends, good food and fun, over the holiday. If I want to get up and shop on Friday, I can. Because my job can allow it. And I can rest up, because tax season is just around the corner.

There. Now, that started out as a whining post, and I made it be a smiling, happy post instead. Good for me. :-)

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  1. I hear you on those busy weeks! Glad you get to enjoy those fun times soon!