Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shameless Promotion Time!

It's the holidays. That means it's time to think about what kinds of things to pick up for the loved ones in our lives. I'm a big fan of practical, useful gifts that are also fun, or cute, or fashionable. I became an Avon Rep because, well, it was about the only way I could afford my habit!

So, I wanted to throw out a few of the Avon products that I love, either for me or for gifts, just to share a few ideas. Then, I'm going to send you off to browse my Avon store online. All orders over $30 ship directly to your door for free! Can I also just mention that if you are a UPromise Member, you get 5% of your purchase as a contribution to your UPromise account?!

I am in love with Dew Kiss Lip Dew. Not sticky or greasy, this lip treatment  leaves my lips moist and shiny. I keep this stuff stashed everywhere- my desk at work, my purse, the car, next to my bed, you name it! These are a regular stocking-stuffer for my daughter, mother and sister-in-law! (Also check out the holiday flavored lip treatments in Candy Cane, Cinnamon Spice, Frosted Cookie, and Wintermint!)

I have been doling these little beauties out right and left to the teachers in our daily lives- Naturals Hand Sanitizers! Hello, flu season, meet people trapped in buildings with dozens of potentially contagious little people. Fresh scents like peach, vanilla and cucumber melon keep you from smelling like a doctors office, while helping control the spread of the ick. Good stuff. Great price.
Do you have men in your life you might call McDreamy? Patrick Dempsey has two different fragrances with Avon, Unscripted (With this fantastic set) and Patrick Dempsey II. Also check out Derek Jeter Driven. The Driven skin care line lets your man protect and care for his skin - shave gel, face scrub and protective moisturizers made for a guy.

Finally, check out these adorable Madame Alexander dolls for the doll in your life! (There are little girls clothes to match! Oh so cute!) And that's only the beginning for the little ones in your life - nightgowns, books, room decor and organizers in their favorite characters, Avon has lots and lots!

So, now you want to just head on over to my Avon site, browse around, be sure to contact me if you have questions, and remember that Avon has money-back guarantees on their products! Don't forget to find a little something for you while you're there- check out the Berry Mint Footworks 3 Piece pack for a lovely at-home pedicure treatment. Or- Take advantage of the "Add to Wish List" feature to create the perfect shopping resource for your loved ones!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled blogging!

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