Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is it about newborns!?

Today I was blessed to attend the baby shower of a friend of mine, Susan, who I have known basically since our own births. This shower was supposed to have taken place a few years ago, but due to circumstances beyond her control (Um. The baby showed up!) it was delayed.

That meant the baby was THERE!!

Oh, the sweet little baby smells. The coo's and gurgles. Even the little poots. I do NOT want any more children, but there's just something about when that little person snuggles up into your neck.... I've decided I just want to borrow infants. I will give them back when there are massive poo's, horrible screaming fits, etc. But the coo's and gurgles? I'll take 'em.

Congrats to Susan and her husband, who have entered the trenches. Welcome to parenthood.Enjoy every minute- it all goes far to fast!

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  1. One of my friends (a man of course) said that there should be a "Borrow a Baby" business. I rolled my eyes, but the concept is right on - something about them makes you melt (especially when you get to give them back after they start crying!). ;-)