Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting To Know YOU!

It's the Christmas Gift Edition of

Getting to Know YOU!

Keely over at MannLand5 wants to know what was our favorite gift!

That's hard.
For real.

See, while I'm not gonna lie and act like I don't like getting stuff, I really, really love the giving. The knowing that I have presented someone I love with something that they'll love.

So, I got some cool stuff. Big Daddy got me a new alarm clock, which I'm super excited about. (My old one picks up interference from weird stuff, including radio communications from aircraft. As we live REALLY close to our local airport, I get strange noises pretty often.

My Mom got me these:

which are totally to replace the fantastic pair she got me a couple years ago. I lost one of them one weekend while visiting my Dad- I'm pretty sure it's at a mexican restaurant called La Hacienda (near Percy Priest Dam on Bell Rd. in Nashville. It's one of our favorite places to eat when we're in Tennessee.) Anyway, I loved the earrings she had gotten me, and was devastated when I lost the one, especially when I learned they were sold out and not coming back. I've watched eBay, but so far, no luck.

So, she got me these, and they're fabulous! I have to be super-particular about earrings, my ears are hyper-sensitive, and I prefer a very classic, small hoop, and these totally fit the bill.

We've had some tough family situations this year, as well. Communication ... snafus, I guess, have led to hurt feelings, tense situations, and some serious tears. We're still healing, and truthfully, I'm not sure that some of the relationships that have been torn will ever be completely mended. We're dealing with a "new normal" and my sister in law graciously extended a beautiful olive branch this Christmas.

Each of us ladies received a Pandora bracelet, allowing us to build on this gift year after year, event after event.
Beautiful AND emotionally symbolic.
Yep. I cried.

Now, we all want to know what YOU got! So, click that button up there to pop over to Keely's blog where you can link up. No blog? That's ok! Leave it in the comments!


  1. I love the pandora bracelets! they are beautiful and so unique to each person. Great gift.

    Those earrings are beautiful as well

    Glad you had a great christmas

  2. What wonderful gifts! Very thoughtful :)

  3. We had some serious family stuff too last year..since May all has been well..I hope everything works itself out somehow..:-)

    Great gifts!


  4. I love those earrings. I lose mine so often that I don't trust myself with nice ones anymore. They are really pretty.