Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our LAST First Tooth!

I'm to excited for it to be totally wordless, but I have pictures! (For those who are squeamish, please note, there is a bit of blood.)

M's bottom front teeth have been SOOoooOOOOooo wiggly. She's been trying for a month to get them out.

Yep, those two, right there next to my finger. They really were starting to look kind of funny, actually, because the space was increasing and those little teeth looked lonely between the big gaps on either side.

She started to wiggle the one on her right.

Then, she freaked herself out.

It started bleeding a bit, and I made the mistake of mentioning it. So, she quit. She ran off to the bathroom to try to rinse out the blood. All of two minutes later, I heard a squeal.

(Do you see that?! I think her head might, in fact, pop right off. Her neck is flat creepy looking! And that's without the mouth full of blood!) But- there it is! The LAST first tooth in our house. And she did it all by herself. And now, she's comparing everything to it! Big Daddy made shrimp for with our dinner, and she just compared pulling off the tails to pulling the tooth. Seriously?

As a total side note, I'm nearly to my 100th post, and I have a really exciting giveaway/awareness campaign that you will find here! Keep watching!


  1. That is kind of a freaky but cute none the less! So exciting for her I am sure.. and a sad type of exciting for you!

  2. I left you something on my blog. I hope it brings a smile to your face :0)

  3. I love the crazy excited look on her face!!

  4. Awww, you have all kinds of life markers...LAST first tooth and in another category, your 100th post! Congrats! Looking forward to your giveaway/awareness campaign.

  5. Oh, how I love that stage of growing up. The toothless smile is my favorite!

  6. aww she is so cute! she's one brave little girl! and congrats on getting close to your 100th post!

  7. I love pulling out baby teeth. I have pulled out everyones teeth that I know :o) I think it is so fun to see the look on the childs face when they feel the tooth pop out.

    I can't believe she was able to keep those teeth in her mouth for a month while they were wiggly :o) If I would have been near here I would have janked them LOL.