Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Confessions from a Working Mom

Ok, ladies. Elizabeth has delved into uncharted waters today! We're going to talk about Our Ladies! The Girls! Our Breasts.

You see, Elizabeth is weaning, which means her chest is waning. I remember back when I was a nursing momma, and was rocking a rack.

Today's question:
Would you get a boob job?

Hrm. You know, honestly that's become a tougher question than I once thought it would be. You see, I'm not horribly caught up in appearances, and am pretty comfortable with who I am. But the other day, similar to Elizabeth's story, I got out of my shower, and was standing in front of the mirror drying off. (Note to self. Don't DO that!!) And I noticed something.

My flesh is designed for a small C cup. Under said flesh? Small B. You know how when you wear clothes that are a couple sizes to big, everything is just kind of slouchy? Like shortly after delivery, when you aren't quite back to your pre-pregnancy clothes, so you're still pulling on those sweats you stole from your husband at about month 5? Yeah. That's how my boobs look. And I'm trying really hard to not care. I look at them, and the c-section scar I have from M, as validation of my role as a woman. That I have done the job. I have borne children, and nourished them as God intended.

And then I turn on the TV. Or I open a magazine. Or get online. And there are all these lovely, firm, perky breasts.

And then, I go to church, where I sit near 2 women who are breast cancer survivors. And I know that my sagging skin and stretch marks can't begin to compete with the scars they carry.

I want to say NO, emphatically, to this question. I really, really do. And I'm probably 95% there. But every once in a while, occasionally, when I look in the mirror on a blah day, or I see a picture of me from 10 years ago, or 6 years ago while I was nursing... There's that sad little maybe that sneaks in. Realistically? I'd never spend the money on it anyway. So, take that as it is!

(It's an interesting question, though, especially in light of this highly publicized death today!)

So? What do YOU think? Post your answer and link up, or just leave it in the comments!

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  1. That article you posted is a very sobering reminder that this is a surgery and it can have a fatal outcome. How sad. She had 7 month old twins.

  2. Wow, that article is terrifying... terrifying...

    You wrote that so well-- "weaning" vs. "waning", "C-cup flesh" vs. "B-cup boobs". I always love reading your posts :)


  3. I mus avoid looking in the mirror everyday. It streches the entire length of our bathroom and I can't avoid it.
    As much as I want a tummy tuck I would likely also spend that mcuh money on a vacation or two.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your perspective! We often forget the survivors who deal with far more reminders of body imperfections.

  5. Nicely put! Ha! If I wasn't so scared of dying and leaving my kids without a mother I would be saving the money as we speak. I would definitely want one, and not to have some big ol boobies just to have normal ones! : )