Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What We Did Today

We got out!

First because we had to. Here we sat, me and my kids, ready to settle in and enjoy our day. (Or not. I was going to make them help fold laundry and clean house, but yeah, we were prepared to hang out.)

And then, from the deck, I heard a little whimper.

Almost a puppy pout.

I thought nothing of it at first. Then...  I heard it again.

So I went to the door, to find my poor Effie putting no weight at all on her right hind leg.

I brought her in, wiped off the mud, and watched her for a bit. After a little over an hour, still, no weight on the leg. Dang it.

Off to the vet.

Now, we hadn't yet taken P.G. in, under the anticipation that as soon as we did, and spent money on getting her shots and tagged and such, her real owners would turn up. But, I decided, I was going to have Effie checked out, and Peeg checked up, and just be done with it. I didn't want to risk waiting on an injury with Effie over the holiday, and if I was taking her in, I might as well take care of all of it.

So, we went to the vet. And I spent my Christmas money. On Effie's (no laughing!) sprained toe.

Seriously. She sprained her toe.

So, a bottle of pain pills, a set of vaccinations and heartworm tests, and 6 months worth of heartworm preventative (and $250!) later, we brought home our pretty red headed girls.

Dogs on pain pills are funny.

After we'd been back at home a bit, I decided I wanted to try to run out, grab a few more Christmas things we needed, and get home before most of the rest of the world got off work.

I needn't have bothered.

I got the kids Christmas Pajamas. (I've seen that a number of us moms do this - we do it to ensure that they have matching, clean, presentable jammies for the Christmas Morning pictures!) I usually go and buy them myself, and then just give them to them on Christmas Eve, but the older they get, the pickier they are, and so I let them pick out their own.

We then wandered the store a bit, picking up a couple of sweaters for Big Daddy, looking at fun children's books, etc., then called it a day. Or tried to. There was still the adventure of leaving the parking lot.

That part took 20 minutes. It is not a big shopping center. There were just stupid people there. Someone let them have cars, and drivers licenses. I was proud of me. I was patient, and kind. I only tweeted/facebooked about them once.

Now, I'm ignoring the laundry that needs folded.


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  1. Oh man vet bills are the worst! I had to take my dog to the Er before because I thought she was choking on a stick. $300 dollars later it turns out it was just stuck on the roof of her mouth. Gotta love being pet owners. At least shes cute:)