Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Snippets (Or: What I did while my internet was down!)

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So I got up this morning and had no cable service. No television, no internet.

Oh, the horror of it all.

I talked to them very early, they were going to send me a service tech today.

While I waited, I took down our tree.

I boxed up decorations.

I smiled over the memories brought on by the assortments of ornaments that decorate our tree.

Those ones that hubby and I bought at all the post-Christmas sales because they were cheap, and we were poor.

The ones I have collected for each of the kids marking their first five Christmases.

The beautiful blown glass collections. The adorable ornaments made by the kids in Sunday School, and art class.

Then, when that was all cleaned up, I got mad.

I called Comcast. I learned they lied to me about when they were sending someone out.

I went out to the telephone pole and found the problem. I fixed it myself.

I'd only been griping about it being down all day. As the 3rd customer service representative finally picked up the phone so I could tell them to not bother sending me a tech, I got a tweet from someone from Comcast, offering to help. To little, to late, buddy, unless you'd like to credit my account with the cost of a service call. I'm not on your payroll, but I sure pay your salary.


At least I got some things accomplished while I was unable to maintain contact with the real world.


  1. You are like the awesomest! How'd you know what to fix..You're like a jack of all trades..

  2. Wow I would have just sat there and got more and more mad. I can't bealive you found the problem. Thats awesome!

    I have the same date ordaments. My mom got me one every year and I got one for B this year. I love going trough all of them and putting them up but it is a pain matching all of them to their boxes when you are done.

  3. Okay, I'm totally impressed!!! Wow!!! What a woman! good for you for taking charge and actually knowing how to fix the problem. If I have computer trouble, I'm calling you!

  4. Seriously - how'd you fix it yourself? In this weather?

  5. You went out to the telephone pole and fixed it yourself??? Are you like Superlinewoman or what? Too funny. Seriously, I'd like to know what you did. Heck you should have taken photos! Now that would be an entertaining blog post :-)

  6. You need to call Comcast and tell them that their service delay is unexceptable, and ask for a service credit. Since you've gone without your services working correctly for a few days, they can't very well charge you for those days. Then, since you were lied to about when someone would come out, and spent all day at home waiting for them, you should ask for a "good faith" showing. EVERY TIME I have a serious problem with a company (either their product or customer service) I do this, and they usually give me $25 or $50 for my troubles.


  7. Who ARE you????? Do you have a Wonder Woman outfit?