Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays

Hooray for Truthful Tuesdays! Brought to us from the mind of Elizabeth from Confessions From a Working Mom:

Elizabeth is wondering about a time when we've lost something, but turned out a winner for it...

Oh, good stuff.

There's the ex, who I KNEW was the love of my life. I married him, moved halfway across the country. Left my job, my family, my friends, to start our life together.
It was not good. A short time later,
with many tears and a full U-Haul, I left.

I'm now happily (most of the time!) married to a wonderful man who I love, and who worships the ground I walk on. We have three beautiful children. He supports my choices in all things, including this monster we call tax season.

Tax Season.
There's another lost, yet found, story.

I was so happy with my job at the bank. I loved what I did, I loved my coworkers, I loved my customers. I worked part time during tax season at the office, and it was fabulous.
I had a client who, strictly by coincidence, was my client in both places.
I had always been extremely careful to ensure that I did not provide tax advice at the bank, always speaking only in generalities and recommended that people consult with their tax advisor should they have specific questions. The two jobs were completely separate.
That client? He didn't know how important that was. So, he mailed a letter, with some tax questions. To the bank.
The bank screens mail.
My immediate supervisor came to me, in tears. Her supervisor had told her to give me the option. I could leave one job or the other. But, I couldn't keep both. She knew which one would be selected.
I wrote a resignation letter that day. I then showed up at the office and asked my boss if he'd been serious when he had said something about me working full time on salary. Told him I sure hoped so, 'cause I could start the next day.
I love my job. Even when I hate it, it's awesome. Even when the first day of the season, that should only take about 9, maybe 10 hours, is over 13. Even when banks struggle, software flounders, and printers jam. Especially when I help a family avoid eviction, or show a struggling mother a credit she wasn't aware she was eligible for. Definitely when I look at a letter from the IRS, and show a taxpayer that no, they don't owe the $2,400 the IRS is looking for.
Did I hate having to leave my job at the bank the way that I did? Yes. I felt like I was forced out under some cloud of shame that I had not earned and did not deserve. Did it totally work out in my favor in the end? You bet.

What about you? Ever totally won by losing?

Do tell! And when you do, be sure to head over to Confessions and link up so we can all celebrate our successes in failure! (Or something like that.)


  1. Great post....really got me to thinking. =)

  2. I hope that one day, I feel as passionate about my job as you do yours. The love just isn't there for me.

    By the way, I noticed you hadn't added your link to the MckLinky-- hope you don't mind, I did it for you!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. That's so cool how you ended up in a job you love because you had to leave your other job. God works in mysterious ways!

  4. It's funny how everything happens for a reason! Now you are at a job that you enjoy doing every day and not a lot of people can say they love their job (including myself most days!).

  5. Great post! I'm happy you "found" so many wonderful things. God works like that, doesn't He?

  6. I always love reading your stuff! I used to think I loved reading it because we are so different - and, in some ways, we are (you don't want ME doing your taxes, sister! The IRS will be wanting more than $2,400!). But, every time I read a story that reveals something about you, I realize we're really quite similar - it's almost as if you take some of my history and write about it. Hmmmm...

  7. I found you by "mistake"....maybe not. I also was asked to resign from a position I loved at a bank I also loved. I was devastated, especially since I had been a scapegoat in the situation. I was accused of something I didn't do...because none of it made sense, I was positive I'd be exonerated, but I wasn't. It saved someone else, but it devasted me. I moved on and found another position at a different bank, and doors were suddenly opened that made a much better life for me and for my family. I'm learning to trust that everything happens for a reason and that He won't close one door without opening another...you just have to turn around and walk through it! I'm glad things worked out for you to....isn't Faith wonderful!?