Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesdays

Ahhh, it's a quiet night, the office is closed, the doors are locked, and I'm running some reports before heading home for the night. (Well, before heading to the grocery store before heading home for the night.) 

And I NEVER get to play along with the lovely Julia! (Or at least not often enough!) But tonight- ahhh! Tonight is different.

Tonight, I have a few moment to post a Working Mom Wednesday post!

Or. I did. Just got a memo from the hubs that M is in the tub, having thrown up all over her bed.


So, since I still have to finish this last run of info, this is going to be slightly quicker than originally anticipated.

Julia wants to know: 

As a working mom, if you suddenly became a SAHM, how do you think your life would be different? 

Ohmygosh, how WOULDN'T it be different!? I have so much respect for stay at home moms. I can  safely say that, for me, being a stay at home mom would be exceptionally hard. Honestly, there are days when I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a mom at all. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but I get so much personal fulfillment from my work life too!

I'm going to go out on a limb on this one, I guess. I have to assume that some financial windfall has made this possible, first off, so let's say money is not an issue. 

We'd do a LOT of cool stuff - I am blessed to be surrounded by some amazing places. Indianapolis is host to arts festivals, a fantastic zoo, a top-rated children's museum, and so much cultural stuff it boggles my mind. Even closer to home, we have a hands-on science exploration museum here, plus as the home of a major big Ten university, we bring in a number of arts, entertainment and cultural events locally as well. So, "field trips" would be big for us.

My children are all school aged, I'd spend more time volunteering at school. I'd be better about my involvement with the PTO. My children might be more involved (if they so chose) in extra-curricular activities like sports. 

I took a Wilton's class this last fall for cake decorating, and I loved it. I might take more of those, play with that more. My house MIGHT be more organized/cleaner. Or, more realistically, it might be a bigger disaster since we'd be home doing stuff more! But, hopefully at least the little stuff like laundry and dishes would be more caught up.

That's a lie. No, there would be more cooking and such. Dishes would never be caught up. Ever. Just like now. I'm guessing laundry too.

Ok - my last report is done, and that about covers my immediate thoughts. I'm off to tend to the post-vomit laundry that awaits. (After, of course, the stop at the store!)

I'd love to know what you think would be different for you if you were thrown into either the SAHM or WM role! Please share, and be sure to visit and link up!


  1. love it!! so glad you were able to join in!! i keep telling myself that i would be supermom if i was a SAHM, but truth is, I'd relax!!!! :) hope you are doing well and getting some rest. i know it's a busy time!

  2. I am a SAHM so if I became a working mom I think I would be totally overwhelmed. I think I would have some major mama guilt and more fights with my husband. He would need to step up and do more and I think it would be a constant battle. There are definite pros and cons to each side. Sometimes I browse the job listings but then realize I couldn;t do it. Not yet anyway. I still have a 2 yr old at home and am trying to convince dh for a third!! Ha!