Monday, February 22, 2010

It Just Takes a Moment...

**Update on 2/23, 9:00pm - At this point, it's just rumour, but I wanted to share it anyway. I do not have first-hand knowledge as to the well-being of this little boy, but have heard via a Facebook connection that he is going to be fine.No idea as to the extent of his injuries, I'll continue to update as I learn more.**

And in that moment, your whole world can change.

Sometimes, they're good moments. The moment you hear the cry of your newborn infant. The moment your eyes meet those of the person you're destined to marry. Those are good moments.

Then there are the not so good moments.

The ones where you learn of the death of a dear friend or loved one. The moment where you realize your child is injured, but don't yet know how badly.

There was one of those for another parent tonight. And it was terrifying.

My boys decided this year that they wanted to play baseball.Tryouts were held tonight in an old high school gym. While parents and siblings sat on bleachers, a line of little boys tossed balls, fielded grounders, and took some swings.

But then - there was a gasp. And all I heard was "Did he just fall!?"

No one saw it happen. We aren't really sure WHAT happened. But we know that the sweet little boy fell 10-12 feet to a concrete floor. He was conscious, and crying, which was some level of comfort to me, but it was scary. And it was scary for the other kids as they wrapped his neck with a cervical collar, and taped his head to a backboard, keeping him immobilized until they could get him to the hospital.

And it only took a moment. One moment, where attention was elsewhere. Eyes turned towards something else.

Nothing like a moment like that to bring on the mother-load of parent guilt.

We all do our best as parents to keep an eye on our kids, to protect them from harm. To know where they are and what they're doing. But we're not perfect. We can't be there 100% of the time.

And it just takes a moment.


  1. How scay! It really does just take a moment. And that frightens me. I could turn my attention to one of my boys for a minute and another of them could get hurt.

  2. Utterly terrifying, I know! And then you have the "please God don't let it be my child" guilt that creeps in as well. Ugh.

  3. You made my heart stop-- because for a moment, I thought this little boy was one of YOURS. It's what Missy was saying, the "please God don't let me it be my child-- or someone I care about's child!" If you find out anything about his condition, let us know.

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  4. What a scary thing to happen! I hope the little boy is safe and unharmed.

  5. It's thoughts like this that keep me up at night.

  6. Oh my word...that is scary. Too scary, and it happens so quickly. Can you update us when you hear how he is?

  7. OH, how awful! I will say a prayer for the boy and family, Megan!