Monday, February 15, 2010

That Blog Fodder I promised!

So, about 100 years ago, when I was still sort of a blogger, I mentioned that I had a great little tale to tell.

Remember those dogs that I love(d)? Well, during the day, they are generally either outside or crated. Effie, the golden mix, is still very much a puppy, only now she's a puppy with a big swishy tail and 50+ pounds of force to throw around. She steals stuff off the coffee tables, eats things that are not hers to eat, and when assisted by her little friend PG, can certainly wreak all KINDS of havoc.

We have also learned that PG is a garbage dog. Not a big deal most of the time, as we have a heavy aluminum trash can with a lid, but if we have a bag out of the can and are topping it off before taking it to the curb, watch out!

In general, the dogs prefer to be outside, which I think is great. If it's super rainy and nasty muddy, in the crate they go, but outside they have lovely dog houses lined with straw, a nice big fenced in yard, and lots of toys to play with.

A few days ago, I had left them outside. In the hustle and bustle of the morning, they didn't get fed until just as we were leaving, so the last thing I did as we ran out the door was put their dishes of food out on the deck. I know, beyond a doubt, they were outside.

But the husband came home to this.

Doesn't look  like much. And really, it wasn't. Not compared to this.


Which only led into this...

Oh. My. Lord.

The carnage went on and on. From one end of the house to the other. There was a pillow destroyed. There was what appeared to be an entire box of crayons chewed up. There were pine cones crushed into some sort of carpet potpourri. Beads were scattered and strewn about the room. It was awful.

And there was no indication of how the dogs got into the house. But in the house they were. Guilt written across their little red fuzzy faces.

I didn't have any idea how much stuffing there was in a pillow. Thank heavens it wasn't a down pillow. I can't imagine all the little feathers. 

I apologize that the picture quality isn't any better. And truthfully, these pictures do not do the damage justice. It was a Holy Mess. And our best guess on the dogs? The kids probably didn't get the mudroom door shut good, the dogs were able to push it open, and a gust of wind or something to that effect managed to shut it back. Dreaming? Maybe. But the dogs HAVE come in that way before. 

I'll simply leave it at we now double check the doors, ALL of the doors, before we leave in the morning. 

Because THAT

was so not cool.


  1. Oh my, sorry about the laughing I'm doing right about now... please know that my jaw is slack and I do feel for you, the laughing was quite involuntary... :-D

    Oh my, I would've gone a wee little bit ballistic... poor confused dogs, they must've had so much fun!!

  2. No, not cool at all. Besides the doggies look of guilt I would have felt bad as well. After I was completely ticked at them for destroying the house! Actually it looks like a mess my 16 month old could have left in her wake. I can imagine the fun you had cleaning up.

    Glad to see you've been able to poke your head out some here lately! (Geez! Did that sound hick or what?!?)

  3. OMG. I couldn't do it. I couldn't have a dog. My kids make enough of a mess!

  4. Holy Cow I promise to never complain about my dog again! Eek, Im so sorry!!

    As if your not busy enough though, I have something for you over on my blog. I hope you have a great week!

  5. Holy CRAP! I would have been livid. That quite possibly would have sent me screaming over the edge.

  6. Oh man! When I first got my dog from the rescue she would do things like this all the time. One time she ate my mattress. Boy was I mad!

  7. That is totally something my dog would do!! You have my sympathy!

  8. Oh I would cry. Kids are enough for me!

  9. Holy moly. I've had my fare share of doggy disasters with my precious boxer, but this takes the cake! I would've been a blubbering idiot if I walked into that!

    I have an award for you, please come visit!

  10. RRrrrr. reminds me of my jack russel terrier Mollie and her cousin Ivy, when those two get together,disaster can happen at any moment rrrr. dogs.........