Saturday, March 13, 2010

More cool stuff coming! (And going on!)

I told you, I've been a busy little bee. I'm working on a new background, and should have it finished up this weekend, and MAYBE even an updated header. Setting goals, setting goals. (But NOT making promises!)

Next week is spring break, which has me thinking about spring cleaning. I've been looking around for some pieces to help me get my home a little LOT more organized, especially the kids' rooms. I was recently introduced to a site with some great kids furniture, and have found at least a couple of pieces that I'll probably get ordered soon. In particular, I found a piece that I'm drooling over for my entryway, with places for shoes underneath, shelves, a bench... I love it.

Anyway, I'd never perused the site before, but I have a good reason to - and you will too, because also in my little to-do list is a giveaway! There will be more on that on Monday, because, well, Monday is kind of a big deal for me. This last week, we rolled out the new site I'm writing for, OurMommyhood, and Monday will be MY first post. Don't wait until then to check it out, though, because I am teamed up with some really fantastic ladies, and they have some great stuff to talk about. Won't you stop by our house, pull up a chair, and check it out?

I'm also taking part in a Beth Moore study with some fantastic blog-buddies. We have really just gotten started, but I'm so excited about what I'm reading, and the discussions we're having. We all face so many different types of insecurities, and Beth's newest book is about kickin' 'em to the curb. I'm ready to send mine packing, and I am blessed to have some great people helping me through that process.

Ok, so that's some of the stuff I've been up to. Around packing lunches, helping with homework, & doing tax returns, of course! What's new in your world?

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