Monday, March 29, 2010

My Late Valentine's Gift

Procrastination apparently isn't just MY problem, it's also my husband's.

How do I know?

Because on Sunday, March 28th, a full six weeks beyond Valentine's Day, he mentioned that he had purchased a Valentine's Gift for me.

He'd been saving it for the "right time" - which, unfortunately for him, is usually not at all in February.

Someone at the Mars Candy Company is brilliant.

Yep. My husband bought me bags of green M & M's.

A plain AND a peanut, thankyouverymuch.

Complete with an "Mportant Notice" (I apologize that the pictures aren't any better - it's hard to take good closeups when you're laughing hysterically!) which reads "Consumption of The Green Ones (r) may result in elevated Romance Levels.

Apparently, it wasn't enough that they made the Green M & M the sexy mamasita that she is.

They are taking it all the way.
(Ok, it wasn't really a pun when I typed it, then I read it, and laughed again, so you have to put up with the really bad humor! You'll live!)

Now, before you all start leaving me comments about how these have been out there like this at Valentine's Day for like 7 years, please let me remind you that I work approximately 85 hours that week, and the 3-4 weeks leading up to it. I don't go to stores. I've missed it, if they have. If they haven't, I'm not sure what the heck took 'em so long!


  1. Too funny! I never knew about these. Don't tell my husband cuz I'll never get any other kind of candy again. ;)