Saturday, May 1, 2010

5 Question Friday!

So, I vlogged it. Yesterday. Then, when I reviewed it, it had cut off the beginning, but I had to leave to go to the chiropractor. And then, there was never a few minutes of peace and quiet the rest of the day to try to redo it. So, you know what?

You get the cut off beginning. It wasn't that bad anyway.

Do they intentionally find the MOST unflattering image available to set as your still?

So, there you go.
And as promised, here's your link, 'cause you need to play! Or, if you aren't going to play, here's at least a shot to visit some other great folks and see what THEY had to say!

On a little side note, I'd sure appreciate your prayers - a few weeks ago, I started having some issues with my back. For a bit, they seemed to be improving, but over the last week, the pain got noticeably worse. I'm now seeing a chiropractor, which is helping, but the end result is that I have some disk compression, likely a herniation, and am having a lot of trouble standing and walking. So, I'd love some good warm, fuzzy thoughts while I work on recovery!


  1. Loved your vlog!!! Your eyes are beautiful and I am jealous of your perfect teeth!!

    I love me some Megan.

  2. Loved it! I have to agree with Kate, your eyes wow..I am jealous.

    To answers your question, yes I think it's a YouTube conspiracy to make all of us look as goofy as possible on the screen they choose. I was particularly thrilled with mine.

  3. I love the YouTube stills! When they aren't of me, of course!

    LOVED that you vlogged...especially loved that your video had some weird audio glitch, and your mouth didn't match your words...gave me the feeling I was watching some sort of New Age, "Kung Fu" movie. ;)

  4. super cute! i'm with the others, your eyes are amazing.