Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Heatwave, Midwest! (and other random stuff)

Holy COW, who turned up the thermostat!?

After 12 straight days of rain, for a total of something like 15 out of 17 days being rainy, and gray, and dreary, we came home Sunday to sunshine.

And hot. Sunday was about 80, and unfortunately was that inside my house as well as out. Monday we shot up to nearly 90. And I LOVE it! 

I was really excited to get through the weekend without any major issues with my back. There was a lot of time in the car, I wore heels for the first time in over 6 weeks, and I danced in them at the reception even! While there was the random twinge, it was nothing, and as soon as I noticed the hint of discomfort, off I went to change into my jeans and tennis shoes.

The wedding we attended was in the far western region of Virginia. It was beautiful there, with lush green valleys and glorious mountains.






I even convinced the kids to let me get a semi-decent picture of them in their wedding attire!

The wedding was wonderful – my cousin is a fabulous young man, and his new bride is equally fabulous! I’m so excited for them to get to start their new life together.

Today I’m heading out to the Feline Rescue Center with J. I can’t believe there is only a few days of school left! I’m ready to kick off the summer for real. The Bonus Kids are moving away, though, which will make this summer pretty difficult for my crew. We’re gonna miss them!

Here’s hoping for some cool pictures today – I’m off to meet up with the 3rd Grade!

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