Monday, May 31, 2010

Random thoughts…

It’s Monday, but feels like Sunday. Nothing like a good three day weekend to throw off your internal clock.

It’s a three day weekend because over the last 234 years, our country has had countless men and women fight for our freedoms. Included in that list are both of my grandfathers, two aunts, an uncle, a step-brother, a nephew, a brother-in-law, and an ex. To each and every one of you out there who has chosen to bear arms to protect my family and me, I give you my thanks, even knowing it’s not nearly enough.

The Bonus Kids move away in about a week. I don’t think the reality of that has truly hit either my children, or the Bonus Kids. I fear it is the beginning of a long, painful summer on that front.

Their new place has a smaller yard than where they are, so we bought their pool from them. It’s been filling all night, and even though the water can’t be more than, I dunno, 12 degrees, the kids all played in it for hours last night. I anticipate that today will be much of the same.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for us. Makes me wish I had a better camera. I love my point and shoot, really I do, and for most of what I’m using it for, it’s great. But sometimes, I need the ability to set the focus myself. I don’t want well-focused netting like this:


I want a great photo of my son, behind that netting. Or of the fabulous cat behind the fence, or whatever. Sometimes, I want to get to be the one picking where I want the focus to be, you know!?

Anyway, tomorrow’s day will include some honors ceremonies, and I have been notified that J is receiving an award. The bummer for me is that they also do individual certificates in each class after the large group awards are presented, and because I have 2 large group presentations to attend, and then 3 kids to try to follow up on, I just won’t make it for everyone’s individuals. Hate that.

Did I mention that J got an A-Plus on his Endanger Species display board? We worked super hard on it, and yes, it was a “we” project. He was really proud of it, and while I helped with things like cutting with razor blades and gluing with hot glue guns, he did a great job with his paragraphs, selecting images that worked, and designing his layout. *Proud Momma*.

Ok, I’m off to hit a very specific Memorial Day sale – the one with pool supplies on sale! Enjoy your day!

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