Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mario Marathon

I have the EXTREME pleasure of introducing you to something a littleMario Marathon unusual.

A little off the beaten path.

But so totally worth it.

First, a bit of background: Last summer, I’m hanging out on Twitter, and there’s this trending topic, and it keeps climbing the trending list.


So I pull the tweets. And there is a link.


And lots of mentions of raising money for Childs Play.

I grew up with the Mario Brothers. I love me some video games. And this little venture – it struck at my very core.

This group of guys plays the Mario franchise of games, live, for days on end, while raising money for Child Play Charity. Childs Play uses those funds to fulfill wish lists from children’s hospitals around the world.


So, I go check it out. And then, my boys are watching with me. And we’re yelling at computer screens, trying to help these guys who can’t hear us beat a game they’ve played hundreds of times. It was pretty funny. I tweet about it, too, since exposure yields fundraising. And I get a tweet back from a friend of mine from high school, who shares with me that we KNOW one of the guys! He was a classmate of ours as well.

I proceeded to spend the next I don’t know how many hours, with J perched at my side, watching, laughing, and enjoying.

I’ve told you all that to tell you this – they’re  doing it again. Mario Marathon 3 begins on June 25th at 11am. They’ve even made a promo video:

Be there!

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