Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Short…

The time we have left is so, so short.

My friends are moving away. They’ve been our neighbors for a couple of years now, and prior to that, the kids were at the same daycare, so they’ve been friends for a while.

They’re my “Bonus Kids” – the ones who are at your house every day. The ones you love like your own. The ones who’s owies you can kiss, and who’s tears you can wipe away. The ones you can scold when they’re misbehaving. Those kids that give you good night kisses before cuddling up next to yours on the floor to watch a movie during the sleepover.

Their parents? They’re great. We can hang out, wander in and out of each other’s homes. We’ve shared house keys, watched each others animals when we have a weekend away. We’ve thrown kids and gear in the car for a quick overnight tent camping trip. We’ve worked together, played together, enjoyed each other’s company.

In just over 24 hours, they’re moving. They’ll not be all that far, really. Three and a half hours isn’t FAR. But when you can WALK to them in three and a half minutes, a three and a half hour car ride is a lifetime away.

DSC03468 These boys are best friends. (Most days. Some days, I’m pretty sure they’re also worst enemies!) I don’t think either of them have truly realized what this move means. I’m sad for them.

DSC03450 She is my ball of silly. And I will miss her. Probably even more than I realize, truth be told.

But for now, while I’m happy for them, because I know that this is a good move for them, I’m sad. I’m sad for my kids, and I’m sad for me. I will miss my friends, and I will miss their children.

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  1. I'm so sad for you guys, Megan :-( You've always spoken of them with such love and appreciation.


  2. Thank you, Kate. It was good to start the morning with your smile!

  3. We had friends/neighbors like that on the street I grew up on in Btown. It was so sad when we moved away from them, but we moved to Florida. A month later they came to visit us! We are still super close to them. I call them my Aunt and cousins...but they aren't! The mom are still best buddies and get together all the time...even though all the kids have grown and moved away!

    All that to say...I am sorry!