Friday, July 2, 2010

5QF – Vlogged

I HAD to do it in one take. Sorry, the angle is funny, you can hear my tweetdeck go off, and the closing is lame. And I need a haircut.

And, well, a thousand other excuses for the flaws I will find in the video, but that you guys probably won’t even notice, so, love it as it is!



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  1. You crack me up. Leaned up against your bedroom door hiding. HAHA! Hope you have a good holiday weekend!!!

  2. Relocated the fireworks!?! Where are they now? Its not the same if they aren't at the stadium! You know that white house with the really long driveway across the street from the stadium (on the highway side)...we always parked in their driveway and watched the fireworks when I was a kid! My dad must have known them or something!! Two years ago we were there for the 4th, because I love the 4th in Btown and actually parked at the stadium. I love the goofy little small town parade downtown too, and the silly little kiddy parade they do in Greenbriar Hills every year! My fav!

  3. I think you should Vlog at my house next time so you can get Pumpkin Pie's Joan River Meow in the background the whole time! :)

    Chuck told me they relocated the fireworks. I didn't believe him. Now I guess I have to. :)

  4. Don't know what it is, but I love the way you say Friday!