Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bunnies in Chicago

I spent a fair amount of this past week in Chicago. I was there for work, attending the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum, but we managed to sneak a little enjoyment into our week.

For as close as I am to Chicago, I rarely go, and it’s usually for work, so exploration is limited. This time, we spent an evening checking out an area we’d not wandered before.

DSC04377 We didn’t get to see lots, but we did wander about a bit. I was surprised at how many rabbits I saw! They were bold little buggers.


I got the chance to see a beautiful building – which only made me wish I’d wandered more and taken more pictures!


Sadly, the sun was setting on our evening, so that wasn’t really possible.







We had a lovely time, though! And we ate at one of the most amazing pizza places EVER. They’ve even got a really cool history. If you’re ever in the area, check out Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder. (Quick note- they are cash only, so hit the ATM first!)

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  1. I was there not long ago and did Lincoln Park Zoo. I didn't check out that pizza place yet though!

  2. The bunnies are really cute! Glad you had a good time, even if it was for work.

  3. Looks like a lovely place to visit.
    I love that last piece of photography with the sunlight splashing out of the corners.