Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wave Jumping

I come from a pretty big family. We are ever-evolving, growing, changing.

I have the best cousins in the world, and while geographically we’ve been scattered across the continent (and sometimes further!) our whole lives, we are close.

We are strangely similar in ways one might not expect. We are unique, and yet clearly intertwined. There are ten of us under the familial umbrella of my maternal grandparents that were born within an under ten year window, and we literally span from coastal Virginia to Los Angeles. Over the last decade, we’ve snaked our way into adulthood, finding spouses, having children, buying homes.

And yet, even as far as we scatter, we come back together. Sometimes because we want to, sometimes because we must. Often with joy, occasionally with sorrow.

Now our children are cousins. And they love those times together. And as they grow, we love to watch their relationships with each other grow. And through them, our own bonds continue to deepen. Weaving together the fabric that is family.


And being grateful that we can share in even little moments like jumping waves.

Image: My cousin, A, and her son, May 2009

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  1. being grateful for the small things in life... and your photo editing is fab!!!

  2. I LOVE wave jumping!! And the pic IS fantastic!! We spent hours last week at the beach wave jumping! The best things in life are FREE!

  3. Hi Megan, sounds like you have a pretty nifty family. What a great thing to always have someone you love jumping the waves of life with you. I love that picture - it's worth a thousand words.


  4. Your photo is beautiful! It really is important to be grateful for even the small things in life!

  5. What a gorgeous shot! And so nice to have so much family.