Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pssst… Over here!

Ugh, y’all.

I’m wiped out, and feeling bad, because you have been pushed to the back burner. And I didn’t mean to do that, but there’s just so much going on behind me! I finally had to turn around and take a good hard look at it all.

You know what I saw?

Some chaos. Some happiness. A fair amount of work. A bit of play, too.

So, as has become my mantra here for my last few posts, this one is a bit of an apology.

I apologize that I haven’t been writing. Pretty much at all, really.

While I was “away” here, I really did go somewhere. Our annual company convention was in Las Vegas. It was pretty routine, but you know what I did?

I lost my camera.

I’m sick about it. I had a few pics, nothing overly important, but still, some images that I had shot that I hadn’t downloaded yet.

I’m pretty sure it must have slipped out of the pocket of my purse while we were on the plane, and I didn’t realize it until later that night. Then, I second-guessed myself on if that was even where it was. Had I really put it back in my purse? Could it be at home? So, I waited until I got home, nearly a week later, to call the airline.

No dice. My marvelous little point & shoot, a birthday gift from my daddy, is gone.

So, to whoever has my camera, neener-neener, I at least still have the charger and USB cable.

Not that it makes me feel any better about it. =o(

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  1. Oh No! I would be soooo bummed if that happened. Look at it this way though, perhaps you can get a new BETTER camera now???

  2. Blogging should be done when you are relaxed for it, it shouldn't become a chore. There are so few things we do to satisfy ourselves, this should be one of them.
    Be Happy

  3. I've seen an awesome idea before: to take a picture of contact information in case your camera is lost. Like a sign that says, "If this camera is found, please call..." That way if a good Samaritan finds it, they have a way to return it.

  4. Lost your camera in Vegas????? Sounds like you may not want that camera back. Well on second thought, that might make for some interesting viewing

  5. I'd be so upset if I lost my camera! I'm so sorry Megan!

    Blog when you can...I'm not going anywhere.