Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shock & Awe

Have you ever been a part of something so big, it makes your head spin to think about it?

Just a few short days ago, a tweet flashed across my screen, and my universe tilted just a little.

I may have mentioned a time or two that I’m a Colts fan.

Colts owner Jim Irsay agrees.


On Dec. 30th, he tweeted that he was looking for what he, in later tweets, referred to as “SuperFans” to join him at the Colts – Titans game. I tweeted to him, congratulated other winners, tried to rally a way to get a young girl from New York there after she had been selected but couldn’t arrange it (she’s coming to a game next season, they worked it out) and had fun.

My husband texted me mercilessly, as Mr. Irsay did other giveaways over the next couple of days. Shirts, jackets, tickets, and the chirp of my cell phone: “You win anything yet?”

And then, it was Saturday. And I tweeted. And chatted. I made new twitter friends. At about 8:30, this appears in my twitter stream.


That Meg Mahaffey?

Yeah, that’s me.

(I know. It’s my last name. I’m not really “internet anonymous” anyway, as it is on my twitter account, etc. Don’t be creepy, k?)

There was much screaming. Mine. My husbands. My kids, too.

After a series of phone calls, I replaced that camera I’ve been missing so much.

Be forewarned. There are more football posts, with lots of pictures, coming.

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  1. WHOA!!!! I had no idea how BIG this was! That is so awesome...congratulations!!!!!