Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Day I was the Best Mom in the World

I’ve covered lots about our assorted travels, but there was one day.

One beautiful, glorious day.

The Day I was the Best mom in the World.


Here was where our adventure began – through this arch at Islands of Adventure, at Universal Studios Orlando.




Through that arch, down a walkway, to the lake. As we peered across the lake, we could see it. Our goal. Hogwarts.


  We were off. We worked our way through a Seussical section, and then the Lost Continent, and we were there.

The village of Hogsmeade.

You can’t get there without the Hogwarts Express, right?


The details put into this park cannot begin to be overstated. It was simply stunning.  From the snow covered roofs, to Hagrid’s hut, to Hogwarts itself, the atmosphere was stunning.

DSC00986 DSC00993 DSC00990

I should have 101 more pictures. A good blogger would.

I was mom, instead, and found myself focused on having fun with my kids. Oh, we took pictures, mostly with our cell phones. But more importantly?



We got bunny ears from our dad while we waited in line to ride a sneetch ride.





Or giggled with said daddy while waiting for said sneetch ride.

I even caught “He Who Does Not Smile” smiling some. But shhh – don’t tell anyone, he’s far to cool for that these days.



I spent much of the day convinced I was married to the biggest kid of all:

DSC01059 DSC01077

And as we neared the end of the day, with soaked clothes, tired legs, and happy hearts, we were glad to just be together. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

DSC01073 DSC01071

(Right after this, the mother of all thunderstorms showed up, we were soaked, we hid for a while, then over to Honeydukes where we purchased Bertie Botts Everyflavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs. Oh- and we had Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice. I repeat – this place? Amazing.)

DSC01082 DSC01083

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  1. Must. Go. SOON!! Oh my gosh! That looks amazing! Insanely jealous that you got to go! Drive? Fly? Where'd ya stay? Need deets...