Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Thoughts before Takeoff…

In an hour, I’ll be on the road to the airport, heading to Atlanta for a few days for work.

I should be reading more from one of my textbooks, seeing as I’ll still need to have homework done by Sunday, and won’t be home until Saturday afternoon. Instead, I’m mentally running through my packing checklist for the 4,867th time, and checking my bag for our boarding passes AGAIN.

This morning it feels like fall for real around here. It’s a little damp, nice and cool. Great jacket weather. Also? Keurig has a pumpkin spice K-cup. It’s yummy. And perfect on a morning like this one.

I’m sad about this trip, because my business cohort and best friend isn’t going this year. Her little ones are just to little, and her husband is working plus taking classes. It would just be too much. So, maybe next year.

I’m excited that my other dear friend & coworker is healthy enough to go after a very difficult summer.

I thankful that my husband is so supportive of my career, and my goals for myself. From taking care of so much at the house, to making sure I have time to work on homework in peace, it’s great when someone’s got your back.

Ok, time to do one more bag check and then wait on my ride!

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