Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time,

There was a girl. She was busy, as is common for girls who are also moms, employees, wives and the like, but she felt like she was missing something. Some creative space of her own, where she was all of those things, and could share about them, and learn from others, and others could learn from her, and together, all were happier.

So, she wrote.

For three or four years, she wrote regularly. She shared her heart, her photos, her recipes. She talked about books she read, and sports her kids played. She talked about charities she believed in, products she tried, pets she loved – whatever was on her mind.

She just wrote.

Somewhere along the way she slowed down. And then?

It stopped.

The words stopped. They just weren’t there anymore.

The photos were still taken, the food still cooked. She read books, and watched games, supported charities and held a dog as it crossed over the rainbow bridge. She buried loved ones, celebrated marriages and births. But there were no words.

The girl missed them, the words. And she would come back to the place where she shared them and try to find them, but they were not there. Every day she visited the places where others shared their words, hoping that she would find hers hiding among theirs, but they were not their either.

Eventually, sadly, the girl stopped looking for her words. She went to work, she took pictures, she laughed with her children, but she no longer sought out the words.

Then, one day, the words dropped in to visit. And again another day. Not nearly as often as they once did, but they stopped in. And the girl enjoyed her time with them.  She invited them over, told them to drop in any time.

Slowly, that fractured relationship seemed to heal. It may never again be quite what it was, but perhaps one day they could again be close friends, the girl and the words.

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  1. OMG, YES! Get outta my head! I've been a blog slacker of late...I feel like I lost my wit and my words and my brain is all clogged up with stories, but there they stay. But lately? I've been feeling the pull more. Been searching out those stories and teasing them from their deep, dark corners of my brain. And, I'm so happy to see YOU are too! Welcome back, words, welcome back!