Friday, June 12, 2015

J goes to England–a BTV production

A short 24 hours ago, I was standing with a group of other parents, a few grandparents and siblings, three teachers, and 21 students at the Indianapolis International Airport, preparing to put those teachers and students on the first of two planes that would carry them to London.


I just sent my 14 year old son to England.

(I’ve never even wandered across a border into Canada or Mexico. I’m trying to not be jealous, but I’m not sure it’s working!)


(Me, my mom & J at the airport waiting on everyone to arrive.)

My son has had the opportunity to be part of an award-winning television and movie production program through his school for the last 2 years. Part of that program has included partnerships with schools in other parts of the world, including skype conferences and collaborations. This is part of the result of that effort – an exchange trip to the sister school in England!

You can follow along with us via the program’s twitter account – @BatchelorTV

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