Friday, July 28, 2023

Porch Posts

I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not. I share on social media, much like everyone else, snapshots of who I am. These are filtered, not always the photographs, but the sentiments. The portrayal. It's not my all day every day, it's literally the beautiful snippet that I've chosen to share. That's mostly what we do, we'll share the ugly if it's powerful enough to have an impact, or funny enough to make someone laugh. Generally speaking though, we share the beautiful. We all have beautiful, but we all also have hard and ugly and painful. We have fights with the people we love, we get hurt, we're messy, we're emotional.

I started sharing what I called porch posts because I've used time on a little cast iron bistro set on my front porch to reflect on myself, and what goes on around me. My porch posts are public reminders to myself mostly of the things I need to keep in mind, the things I need to remember when the hard and the ugly are happening. 

I've been "Porch Posting" for a while, and the posts are intermingled with the rest of my social media. I've decided I'd like to curate them here, in this space. A space that once was used with some regularity, a space that I enjoyed, and still enjoy, but don't visit as often as I should.

So, I'm sweeping off this front porch. I'm clearing the table, and grabbing a cup and a pen. I'm inviting you to pull up the other chair, to stop and sit a spell. Some days will be our morning coffee, others, an evening cocktail, but let's have a drink and chat a minute.

Welcome to Porch Posts.

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