Sunday, September 24, 2023

Perfect for Me

 A few weeks ago, I looked at my husband and said "Can we run to Menards?" 

Now, Menards is maybe one of our favorite places to go wander around in. They have pretty much everything, and we're both capable of spending entire paychecks in there. I had a specific mission, though, and he knew that immediately. 

He asked what I was after, and I replied that they had a simple, steel fire ring for under $50 and I was going to buy it. 

He looked at me for a moment, preparing to challenge me. You see, we have plans for our back yard that include a deck expansion, patio pour and fire pit. The thing is, we have had "plans" for years. What we haven't had is the time, finances, motivation - call it what you want, but this back yard oasis has lived in my mind and heart forever, but who knows when it will actually be in my back yard. 

I, however, was tired of waiting on evenings by the fire. The rest sounds lovely, and I very much want it all, but I want crackling, and smoke, and sometimes a burnt, sticky marshmallow. I want hoodies and cold beers and laughter. I want quiet nights with the frogs, crickets and cicadas. And I no longer was willing to wait for it. 

That day, he heard me. He understood that I didn't need the perfect space, just *A* space. So, off to Menards we went. 

I put that little fire ring together, and that night I sat as I burned off some branches from our property. I came in smelling of smoke and fall. I spent three hours in solitude and peace, and came inside feeling more free and whole than I had felt in months. 

The outside sings to me, and it sounds like neighborhood dogs, frogs, crickets and cicadas. It feels like crisp fall breezes offset by the warmth of the fire. It smells like chili, and warm cider, and yes - like a campfire. 

And while the back yard isn't yet our perfectly planned out deck and patio, complete with a fire pit, this little inexpensive fire ring is perfect for me. 

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