Friday, October 23, 2009

Fill in the Blank Friday

I've been blog-hopping, and am having a great time exploring other blogs! (Thanks to those who have stopped through here! I'll be back through and leaving comments soon, but I had to come do this!)

So, this one I've stolen from The (Un)Experienced Mom - welcome to Fill in the Blank Friday!

This is how it works: (Or, at least, this is how my version works. Looks like it's pretty much how her's works, too, but I'm kinda winging it!) I'm going to blatantly rip off her question and post it here, I'll answer it myself, and then YOU will answer it in the comments. (Or, re-steal my stolen idea, and just post your link to your post and we'll all come to your blog and check out what you filled in the blank with!)

Today's Question: If you could have one mom super-power, it would be ___________________ .

I would love one of those Samantha twitchy noses. That would be fairly all-encompassing, however, so it might be disqualified as "one mom super-power". Short of that, then...

I would be able to split myself in two. I could have one mom-me taking care of that laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or cooking dinner, while the other  mom-me is just hanging out with the kids- helping with homework, or reading a story, or playing catch.

What would YOUR power be?


  1. Oh, Megan - GREAT superpower! Man are you ladies creative!

    I actually started "Fill in the Blank Fridays" when I started my blog last month - before I knew about blog carnivals. But my friend is making a "Fill in the Blank Friday" button for my blog so others can "carnival" it if they want.

    I do a new question every Friday, so stay tuned (and thanks for spreading the word!)


    P.S. My superpower would be the ability to pause the kids so I could have some free/down time when I needed it. Can be brutal somedays!

  2. My superpower would be to come home to a clean house and a home cooked meal every day (without having to pay a maid)!

  3. BTW, You are in Bloomington right? I grew up there, and my mom still lives there! Did you go to North or South? I would have graduated from South in 1994 if we had not moved to Florida right before I started 8th grade!