Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I mean, really. Is it only Tuesday? How is it that this is already the longest week ever?

I think it started with a long weekend. You know how you really need a couple of extra "vacation days" to recover when you actually take a vacation? Well, our schools were out on Thursday and Friday this last week. It was "fall break" and allowed for the rest of the parent-teacher conferences to take place.

I am the queen of procrastination. (I believe I put that on my "honest" list. I was serious.) So from the moment the kids got out of school on Wednesday, we were non-stop. Costumes, conference, running, doing, Trick or Treat, sleepover, Church, baby shower, it just never slowed down! Four plus days of constantly on the go.

Sunday's really are my day of rest. Usually, I come home from church, we whip up a little something we can just eat on all day, and hang out to watch football. Since I didn't get that, my schedule was just that much more off.

Yesterday at work was intense. We work under a "Processing Year" and have a big rollover every year the last weekend of October. All of our systems are down, and then Monday is utter chaos while we all try to pull down the updated softwares, make sure we have solid backups, and figure out what all got broken over the weekend. I went to the office knowing right off the bat that I had an entire network in my biggest office that was not communicating. My download took nearly two and a half hours. The printers didn't want to print. And the national help database I'm supposed to use? Yeah. That was what they broke over the weekend.

I was pretty pleased that roughly four hours after I began, the worst of the mess was over. The network worked. Printers printed. Software was updated. Disks were created for the outlying offices, and instructions typed up. But I was tired. The adrenalin was gone. Then, this morning I got a call about a weird error on a computer. Totally new error, but I recognized the file it reference. Oh.So.Not.Good. And I had under one hour to fix it before I had to teach. Got it done, too.

I feel like I should feel as though I accomplished stuff. I know that I did. But it's all so behind the scenes. I like to accomplish stuff people can see. I like visible evidence. Because, well, I should be able to look around and go "That's why I'm so tired!" But, since I can't do that, I think I'll just head to bed!


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  1. I feel your pain. I, too, am a major procrastinator and beat myself up over it all of the time. Maybe you'll get some extra rest time this weekend!