Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wonderful Weather Weekend!

Oh, my goodness! I don't know about in YOUR neck of the woods, but here in south-central Indiana, it's GORGEOUS!! With temps hovering around 70 degrees and lots of sunshine, my crew has enjoyed lots of time outside while we still can!

Yesterday included a trip to a football game for our whole crew!
E, J, Big Daddy, M and Nan. Oh, and food. We have food with football. Always.

M got to have a sleepover with her cousin after the game (her cousin is 15 and the girls have to much fun being totally girlie!). The guys all came home, and I went to my BFF E's house to help her hubby. They are in the midst of a big remodel (so they can make babies!) and she isn't handy. She can cook, she can clean, but show her a tool... So, he and I installed outlets, pantry shelving and a closet shelf/hanging bar.

Today after church has included smoking a pork loin (still on the grill) and more football. And other food, too. I'm snacking on a veggie tray as I type. I'm supposed to be putting together the rest of the materials for an Avon fundraiser. But, here I sit, my Colts on the TV, my mouth stuffed with broccoli, and my fingers busy on the keyboard. Big Daddy is watching the grill, and the little people? They've just headed back out to ride bikes for the 3rd time today.

Loving it.

How's the weather!? 'Cause here? Here it's pretty awesome.


  1. Glad you had such a nice weekend. It was about the same temps here. I hope we get more of them like this, but will not be surprised if we don't!

  2. Congratulations on your Colt's winning...that always helps yes?

  3. I'm a Colts fan too! I guess we both had TWO big wins this weekend-- check out my blog, I've got something or you!