Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting To Know YOU!

We all had such fun getting to know each other last week that Keely from MannLand5 is hosting it again!

As we're all gearing up for our holiday adventures (or in some cases, recovering from some!), today's Getting To Know YOU! is a chance to share a favorite holiday picture or video, and some background on it. This was seriously pretty hard for me, since right off the bat Keely shared her beautiful kids singing Christmas Carol's as an e-card and I'm pretty sure that's WAY cuter than what I've got!

And then, as I skimmed my 1,000,001 pictures on my computer, I found this one...

Oh, my pretty, pretty babies. Back when they were. (Babies, that is, they're still pretty cute, but now they're kind of mouthy, and there's an offsetting effect there!) (Left to Right- E, J & M at 3, 4 & 2!)

For Christmas in 2005, my mother wanted us to have a family portrait done. She had a coupon for a J.C.Penney portrait studio, with no sitting fees, and a free huge portrait - like a 24x36 or something. All we had to do was coordinate it. Big Daddy, me, the kids, Uncle DooDoo, Uncle PooPoo, their significant others. And the closest studio for us was over an hour away. Awesome.

But we pulled it off. And the guy who did our pictures was amazing. And he did the pictures of all of us, but then he did some of just my crew, and he got this.

And I love it.

Won't you please share yours? Be sure to visit Keely & link up, then check out everyone else's favorite memories!


  1. They are so cute! Time is such a thief, isn't it? Stealing our babies and replacing them with back talking little people.

  2. What a great picture! The kids look so cute :o)

  3. Awww, how adorable! I especially love M's little pigtails... I cannot WAIT to do that to G's hair!!!


  4. what an adorable pic!! I could just eat them up.. they are too precious!:)

  5. There is some major cuteness going on in that picture!

    How was the party last night?

    Happy Funday!

  6. What a perfect photo! :) So sweet!

  7. Look at those blue eyes!! So cute! I can believe at 2,3,and4 you managed to get one where everyone was smiling! That awesome!

  8. OMG they are SO CUTE!! What a great idea for a blog hop!