Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

It's Monday again, and that means it's time for another installment of Not Me! Monday!

This charming blog carnival was created by MckMama - after learning all about what I've NOT done this past week, shoot on over to her site and see what everyone else has NOT been up to!

This past week is NOT one of my most expensive. On top of all the Christmas shopping I'm NOT trying to get done, the 9th was NOT my mom's birthday, and the 12th was NOT my husband's! It should be illegal in all 50 states for your spouse and the woman who gave you life to have a birthday in the same week. Seriously.

We did NOT all go out and enjoy a ridiculously marvelous meal Friday to celebrate.

Nan helping J and Big Daddy helping E- they were working on word searches on the kids menus.

I did NOT hit home runs on both gifts this year- Nan got a certificate for a facial, which she's NOT super stoked about! (She treated herself to her first day spa experience this summer. May become addicted quickly!) Big Daddy got a new winter coat and a matching scarf. He had NOT been complaining just this week that his wonderful down coat leaves feathers in his sweaters. He did NOT tell me about how his boss was standing behind him "plucking" him the other day!

I also did NOT finally get around to dragging out some Christmas decorations. You know, like the tree.


I do NOT still have like 4 boxes of ornaments that we aren't even going to put out this year. I am NOT petrified that Effie will carry off ornaments. (In fact, she did NOT already bring me one Sunday night. Very gently, plucked cleanly from the tree.) As many of my ornaments are glass, I am also NOT worried about her glorious plume of a tail wiping out whole sides of the tree.

Finally, I'm NOT really behind where I want to be for work. And for shopping. And for, well, everything! My boys being sick so much the last couple of weeks has NOT completely thrown me off. I do NOT have a ton of stuff I must accomplish this week! So of course I'm NOT blogging instead of working on that powerpoint I need by Saturday!

What have you NOT been up to!? Don't forget to pop over to MckMama's and check out everyone else's Not Me! Monday's!


  1. DH and mom B-day right before Christmas, good luck with that!

    Oh, and this is sooo funny: "I also did NOT finally get around to dragging out some Christmas decorations. You know, like the tree." He he, well, better late than never! It looks great!

  2. Tis the season to be busy, right? ;)

  3. I love the name's so cute!

    Your tree looks purty..

    We were supposed to go out to dinner last night for the Manns bday, but that didn't happen..Oh well.

    The Christmas party was good, by the way..besides drinking too much..but it really only affected me after we left..thank GOD!

  4. Your home-- and the tree-- look beautiful! And so does the new blog design-- the green is so festive!

    I agree with you on December birthdays. My mother-in-law, one of my closest friends, and my Godson are all December babies. It really adds up!


  5. A facial sounds like a wonderful birthday present! I am really behind on decorating for Christmas this year too...and a lot of my stuff went straight back to the attic this year!

  6. Great post! I have not still put together the xmas garland I've been wanting to make since last YEAR! And I certainly do not still have pumpkins on my front porch...

  7. Yeah, I'm not behind on everything either. Nope! AND I could really drink your husbands beer right about now-haha. You crack me up Megan!

  8. We're ALL behind, Megan! But, it sounds like you get quite a few extra holidays thrown in! My brother's birthday is tomorrow - he gets his birthday, his wife's, his sister's and his son's birthday in December - yikes! No thanks! :) Hang in there - if anyone can pull this off, you can! :) Looks like you're pulling through like a winner! Tree is looking good - and your hubby is no longer feathery! lol!