Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tidbits on Tuesday

Darn the luck!

That Elizabeth is on a bloggy vacation, enjoying the holidays with that pretty baby and charming hubby of hers. I didn't get to play Truthful Tuesday!

Instead, today will be some fun, random stuff.

Like, I have the bestest mommy in the whole wide world.

She got me those beautiful earrings I mentioned in Sunday's Getting to Know YOU! post.

She comes to my house, along with my brothers and their ladies, on Christmas morning, and she brings a carload of stuff for my kids. And usually pretty good stuff for me. Seriously, I got the earrings, and a cool Colts magnet decal for my mom van, and she got Big Daddy and me a new set of pots and pans.

But the rule is, for our stockings, we have to come to her house. So, we usually wait a few days, then go by and enjoy a little quiet Christmas Rewind with just our little crew. Today the kids bellowed from the back seat  kindly and sweetly requested that we go by Nan's to get stockings.


It's beautiful. It's Colts. And it's NOT PINK.

I'm not really a "pink" sort of person, and we've seen lots of ladies NFL watches, but they are always pink. This one is awesome.

No, really. It is.

Told ya.

In other news, my animals are nuts.

I was blessed? tortured? gifted? with a good twenty minutes of playtime amongst the masses. We spent weeks trying to protect the cat, because the dog will put the cats ENTIRE HEAD in her mouth. Only, earlier this week, I caught the cat "starting it" via a full hallway run leading to a ninja pounce. I have informed all concerned short people in my home that I don't believe that the dog will kill, maim or otherwise significantly damage the cat. We'll see how that goes.

And finally, in the world of weird computer actions:
My computer has over the last few days "forgotten" what Word Docs and Excel Files are. You know how when you look at the thumbnails for your files, Word Docs are a little piece of paper with a big blue "W" on them? Suddenly, they were all Notepad files. Huh-wha? I had to tell my computer what a Doc file was, and with what program it was to be opened. I think that was Sunday. Today, while I was using it, all my Excel files did it. I had to do a reset for XLS.

Bizarre. Glad I did a backup recently. Just in case.

So what's new with you!?


  1. Thanks for getting "weepy" over at my blog. :) I've been going back and forth between tears and laughing out loud. If people didn't know me - they would probably be calling in the straight jackets at any moment.
    And FYI- I'm not a pink girl either. :)

  2. I am not a pink person either. It is one of my least favorite colors. I am completely unshocked by this new similarity ;)

  3. My parents have a similar cat/dog problem. They play rough with each other, usually started by the cat. They helped the cat out of the head-in-mouth spot by getting it a spiked collar.

  4. I love the watch! I'm a HUGE football fan - so I appreciate the watch!

    Your cat looks just like mine. Only mine is a pure pistol. But I love him anyway. :)