Sunday, January 17, 2010

A not so cheating post of random thoughts and rambling

I've been so super lazy today.

I have a good reason.

Today is my last day off for at least a month. Starting tomorrow, I will be working all seven days of the week. We anticipate that lasting at least to Valentine's Day, after that, Sundays will be by appointment only, but we have a number of clients who need/request Sundays, so I dare say we'll see at least a few.

Most of my last several posts have been tied in to some of the wonderful blog hops some of the girls are doing. I love them, as they give me a chance to still pop in, keep up, and prove to myself that there is life outside of tax season. I figured, however, that today was my big chance to just write again for a few!

I really haven't been that lazy - the bonus kids spent the night and I stayed up late cheering for my Colts last night. Then I was up much of the night because E's dreadful tooth started bothering him again. We made a big pot of potato soup today, I talked to the dentist and got a new prescription for E called in, we got a fair amount of general cleaning done, and Big Daddy and the kids are reading their second chapter of Harry Potter of the day while I relax. My Hoosiers pulled out a win in overtime. Overall, today has been a very agreeable day.

When I called the "emergency" number for the dentist, I actually spoke with a different dentist from the office where I took E. I had to leave a message initially, and I *might* have come across as a bit short in my message. I mentioned that I'd been in with him a the week before the week of Christmas, and that they couldn't get him in until the end of January for the extraction. He talked like he really wants to try to get him in this week, if we can do it. The good news was that I had J in at the pediatricians office earlier this week where he was diagnosed with a sinus infection. They had prescribed a bottle of the beloved "pink stuff" for J, and when E started hurting last night, I gave him a dose right off, as well as a second one this morning. (Yes, I know, I shouldn't give the medications prescribed for one child to another child. Call CPS. You should have seen that baby's face. I had to do something. I assure you, no jury of my peers would convict me.) Anyway, I'm feeling hopeful that they can get him in, but at this point, I have enough antibiotic to get us through the scheduled extraction, so if they can't pull it earlier, at least I can keep the pain at bay for E.

Kris Ann, the lovely mommy who won the Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand giveaway received her book, and wrote a beautiful piece about it- you should go check it out! I'm SO happy that your boys liked it, Kris Ann! Thank you again!

At the end of this month is our local St. Jude Country Cares RadioThon - we always take part in it, and this year, my boss is letting me step up our support. I LOVE getting to be a part of these events, and am so blessed to be able to help where I can. And this same station is a huge blessing to me when I do our lemonade stand in the summer. I hope to one day soon be able to stop being part of these events - not because I don't want to do them, but because I don't want to NEED them. Until that day comes, however, you better believe that I'll be right there, fighting for a cure for our kids.

While I'm sure there are 101 other things I could rattle on about, I'm off to go visit some of YOU and see what all you've been up to! Much love to ya!


  1. Wow, what a busy time for you! Hang in there. It will be over soon! Find some sanity for yourself.

  2. Ugh... and I complain about my Mon-Fri job! Hang in there, you definately got a busy month ahead of you!

  3. So glad to read an update, even though I'm pretty much in your pocket anyway ;-)

    Poor E - tooth pain is the absolute worst. I hope the dentist is able to get him in this week.

  4. I hope E feels better soon! And you...I hope you get to come up for air once in a while the next few months...hang in there Megan!!!!

  5. I hope E gets some relief. Mouth pain is the worst.

    And hang in there!! I hope this busy time flies by for ya!

  6. 7 days a week! I feel for you. By the way, thank you for telling me about the header. It's fixed...can't believe I never noticed that.