Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All the cool kids do it...

Not, mind you, that that's ANY reason to do it. None.

But, perhaps you noticed. Or, hopefully, you didn't. 'Cause I want it to be seamless like that.

I'm all on my own at All A Bunch Of Momsense! As in, at www.AllABunchOfMomsense.com!

I'm going to have some other changes over the next several weeks, (probably going past April 15th, just a guess) but I'm trying to do it all in baby steps!

Be sure to check out the 'hood, over at OurMommyhood.com!


  1. very cool! congrats on the new domain!!

  2. Geez, everyone really is doing it! To do, or not to do... hmmm

  3. Love the Mommyhood. Thanks to Elizabeth, I found the Mommyhood and now you :) Always looking for some great new reads!