Thursday, March 11, 2010

I need a mental vacation!

My dear, sweet friend Kate did this a few weeks ago, and boy, do I need it today!

The weather is foul and rainy today. There is a stupid frontal system that is giving me a stupid migraine, and I wish it would just go away.

So, instead, for now, I'm gonna take a little vacation to the islands. Wanna go?

See, my BBF got married in Hawai'i. I got to tag along. It was lovely. So, here are some pictures from along the way...

Nothing like a cup of coffee and this view from our lanai to start the day... 
The top of that mountain there? It gets something like 432 inches of rain each year. It rains there every single day. It was beautiful.

Still trying to figure out why it was that we went ahead and came home. I remember every once in a while that we didn't have the kids with us, and my mother wasn't super-interested in keeping them forever, but I was pretty good with them coming out, too.

'Cause I really could have stayed forever. 

Fruity drinks, fabulous scenery, and that cute little guy on the papaya hanging out by the lanai. 

Won't you come walk on the beach with me for a few minutes? 

Ahhh, there. Don't you feel better? 

Thanks, Kate, for the great mental vacation idea! 


  1. Aaah... Thanks I needed to go to Hawaii today for a Mental vacation as well.. :)

  2. Beautiful! Some day Hubby and I hope to go to Hawaii... until then I will enjoy it thru the photos of others ;0)

  3. Never been to Hawaii before - thanks for the vacation!!

    ((You)) When is tax season over in the US? I need my Megan back.