Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures With The Grump (me)

We went to the Drive-In Saturday.

I was a grump about it. Not sure quite why, but I was.

How To Tame Your Dragon and  Iron Man 2 were playing, so we loaded the kids up, grabbed the camp chairs, sleeping bags and snacks, and off we went.

It was cold. And kind of rainy. (I think the rainy part is why I was a grump. It’s even rainier today, and I might be a bigger grump today.) The kids were having fun, though, so that was going to be good enough.

We staked out a great spot. We snacked. We set up the chairs and opened up the sleeping bags, and the kids ran around for a little bit, while we waited for “dusk” to settle in. (For the record, that’s at around 9. Showing up at 7 was not the best plan. Especially if you are taking a grump.)

Then, THAT family arrived. Dad, Daughter, Son. And they were obnoxious. The Son kept donning his sleeping bag on his head, spreading it out like a cape, and running, screaming, at my kids. The Dad kept saying “The Son, stop that. Come over here and sit down.” in this calm voice. The Son, clearly in control of this situation, continued to do whatever he wanted to.

Which included eventually using The Dad’s car’s hood as a trampoline. And then shoving The Daughter off the same hood. Seriously?

I had been working on recovering from my grump status, until they showed up. Now I was building up to “Mean to someone else’s kid grump” status.

Eventually, The Dad bribed with glow necklaces convinced the children to sit down on their own blankets and watch the movie. This was not before I had a conversation with my daughter in which I may or may not have said that if I ever caught her behaving like that in public, they would find her body in our backyard.

The kids and I settled into our chairs and sleeping bags, where we were able to hold out for a while before, one at a time, they reached the point where they were just to cold to sit there. (Big Daddy, who’s idea this was to begin with, watched from the drivers seat. This did not improve my grump level.) Between movies, we loaded the stuff back into the van, where we sat to watch the second movie. It was as we were preparing to go home that things got pretty cute.

E had ended up in the front seat, while I was in the back between M & J. All three kids were sound asleep for most of Iron Man 2, and we had to rustle them around a bit to get seatbelts on everyone to head home. As Big Daddy worked to buckle E up, E woke just enough to be confused. He was looking for something, and it just took a minute for him to let us know what it was.

“I’m sorry Daddy! I can’t find the remote!”

Ha!! It was super cute, and my grumpy self giggled about it all the way home.

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  1. left you an award on my page.. :O)

    and kids usually help our gumpy selfs go away lol :)

  2. I was grump last night while at my daughter's choir recital. Some kids (obviously w/o parents present or parents present that just didn't care) where making a lot of noise while sitting at the front. I expressed my distaste between songs so that if a parent was present would hear and stop it. All I got was a grumpy response back from the hubby. So, you're not the only one! I'm just glad E helped you get out of it in the end!

  3. Oh, I think you have described many a trip with our moody bunch. But E's response at the end was priceless.

  4. rain makes me a grump too! I can wait for the sun to come back out:)

  5. Awww haha the remote part was really cute! Hope you got out of the grump funk!