Thursday, May 6, 2010


I KNOW! It's been umpteen for-evahs!

But, I was kinda tired of whining. And it was kinda feeling like that was all I could do.

'Cause my back was killin' me.

But I'm on the mend! And for that, I'm gonna share this:

We had a really pretty double rainbow the other night after a little mini-storm. 

This week's been crazy busy! There was some of this:

And today was a field trip, where M & I saw this:

And then, I went and hung out with that guy who puts my spine back where it belongs.

Followed by a great dinner out with my hubs and kids. ('Cause I had a small collection of gift cards, and they weren't doing me any good in my purse!)

That's a bit of what  we've been up to this week. How about you?

Please continue to keep those in Nashville and much of middle Tennessee in your prayers. As the floodwaters begin to recede, and these folks begin the process of rebuilding their lives, the long-term support they will need will be overwhelming. Your prayers and support are MUCH appreciated.

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