Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Starting a Trend

I know I’ve mentioned that I started seeing a chiropractor when I was dying suffering from my lower back pain. I’ve been completely thrilled with my results and am now on a maintenance schedule to prevent reinjury.

My mother watched me go from nearly immobile to back to my old self over the course of a few weeks, and asked me if I thought the doctor might be able to help her with a shoulder problem she’d been having. She was concerned it was her rotator cuff, and was going to require surgery. After one adjustment, her range of motion had doubled, and after three, her shoulder was back in “full swing”.

I hooked up with this particular doctor because it’s who my bestie sees. She was in a serious car accident several years ago now, and has a lot of neck and back issues as a result. One of the side effects of her injuries has been migraines, and he has alleviated a lot of those for her. I have also noticed that my normal migraine issues have tapered off.

So today I’m taking J to see him. My poor boy has suffered from migraines since he was very young, and I’m hoping that this will help him. Keep your fingers crossed for us that this trend we’ve started of visiting the chiropractor will lead to healing for our bodies!

(P.S. – please also pray for my husband. We spent the *EARLY* morning yesterday in the ER dealing with pain management while he tries to pass a kidney stone. As yet, it’s not passed, and he’s unable to hold anything down. He see’s a specialist tomorrow, but for now, he’s hungry, hurting and grumpy! Thanks!)

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  1. OH MY GOD. Megan, I have had many kidney stones before so I am not praying for your husband to pass them I am praying for him to survive. I have ended up in the er many times from stones. I just bent over in pain for him. I hope he gets ok soon.

  2. Oh yeah sorry, hope your back gets better too. Sorry, I am still in pain for your husband

  3. The chiropractor I has helped my migraines after I get them but I was still getting them. So recently, my chiropractor started doing acupuncture on me and after 4 treatments of that, I haven't had a single headache in the past month. If your chiropractor does acupuncture it may be something to try for your son too!

  4. It's crazy people are nervous about going to a Chiro but I think it's the best thing on the planet!

  5. Hope the hubby gets better and I would have died without my chriro a few years ago...It HELPS

  6. I too swear by the chiropractic "witchcraft" as many people call it.

    Good lucky to your hubby!