Monday, June 21, 2010

What IS it with Monday?!

I mean, really? I’m not normally that Monday person! Monday’s don’t bug me that much. I go into the office. I hang out. If there’s not a lot going on, I play on social media. If there IS a lot going on, I still play on social media.

But for the second Monday in a row, I essentially started my day seeking some sort of medical attention for someone in my crew.

Last Monday was us heading to the ER by 6am because the hubs had a kidney stone. (We’re doing much better there, thanks! Some follow-up yet to come, but thanks for the prayers!)

This week, we got to kick off the day by heading in to the pediatrician’s office. E had mentioned on Thursday that his ear hurt. Once. Then, it was a stomach ache. Then this weekend we had some low-grade fever. And finally, this morning, it was full on, tear-inducing, mommymakeitstop ear pain. Ok, then!

I was fairly certain it was swimmers ear, given that E has basically moved into our swimming pool. I was right. The part I hadn’t counted on?

The bug.

Trapped in his ear.

I’m just going to pause a minute, let that sink in for ya.



Good? Ok, let me elaborate a bit. My kids have inherited from their Uncle DooDoo this crazy earwax production factory process. Like gallons of this stuff. I totally wish there was a market for it, ‘cause we’d be rich. It’s gross, and we do ear flushes pretty regularly.

Apparently, somewhere in the last several days, E had managed to end up with this bug in his ear canal, where it was stuck in the plethora of wax he also was rockin. The pediatrician flushed his ear and finally, there it was.

Eww. I mean, really. You wanna talk about mom fail!? I was all over that. Mom guilt? Yep. Right here. A little nausea? I was on top of that one, too.

His ear canal is really irritated. It’s sore. Raw. I hate it for him, poor guy. But hopefully now we’re on the mend.

And, um, I’m sorry (not really) that I don’t have any pictures.

Here, we’ll do this one. It’s while we were at the doctor’s office – he’s got the drops in to loosen everything up, but that’s it.


Isn’t he sad looking? Instead of my usual goofy guy?






That’s better. A little serious, but still. Better.

DSC02947 Gah, he’s cute. Even if he DOES have bugs in his ears.

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  1. Your poor little dude!!! I can't even imagine how much that would hurt. sure can tell a great story!

  2. Wow! This adorable little boy had a bug in his ear? Well I glad the doctor was able to flush it out. His big bright smile tells me he's feeling better already. Wanna bet this won't keep him from the water, smiles. Hope this week goes better for you.

    Yes, and my continued prayers for your husband.


  3. Poor kid! Who'd have thought??? He's all kinds of cute, though! ;)

  4. What a cutie! I was totally waiting on a pic of the bug ;) Glad the doc was able to get it all cleared up.. hopefully that little ear is feeling better soon!

  5. Poor kid. Before I judge what a horrible mother you are... (JK, You know I think you're a wonderful mom.) What type of bug are we talking about here?

  6. Wow! poor guy, a bug...really! I have always feared this could happen but I thought it was an old wives tale. Not I am sure I will ever sleep soundly again :) Hope he feels better soon!

    He is mighty cute by the way~

  7. Oh dear, now there's a story! Don't feel bad, it could happen to any one of us!

    BTW, it's ME!

  8. Sorry...too funny! Love your blog!

  9. You've been quoted!