Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Great Turtle Escape

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I can’t do this one as a Wordless Wednesday. There’s to much story to go with it!

Monday evening, as we were making dinner, I noticed this dog:

DSC02781 Was barking like a crazy fool at something along the fenceline. Since she is, at times, a full on crazy fool, I didn’t think a lot of it to start with, but after something like 15 minutes of watching her run around like a loon and jam her face into the ground (well, probably not really, it just looked like it ‘cause the grass needs cut ‘cause it won’t quit raining long enough for me to get it done!) I figured I should go check it out.

Good thing! Look what she found!

DSC03827Poor little turtle couldn’t have been any tighter in it’s shell, trying to protect itself from my beast. I brought it safely out to the front yard, where M and I waited to ensure it was ok.


It was! It slowly, tentatively poked it’s little head out of it’s shell. And then, it tolerated us, as my daughter and I ran in circles around it, snapping pictures, capturing videos, and generally enjoying it’s cute little turtle-ness.



We were very happy to see that the poor little turtle, who had been subject to an attempt to be turned into a dog toy, was well enough to make a safe getaway.



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  1. Wow! He was actually pretty fast making that getaway.

  2. Even to this day, I still think the Hare is gonna win that race. That turtle is a fast one

  3. He was prob a fast turtle because he was trying to get the heck out of dodge..LOL

    so glad he was able to sneak away :)

  4. Thanks goodness! Poor little turtle! Run, run!

  5. Poor turtle =( ...
    Also you are tip top spot this week at All These Things =)

  6. ooo that's a pretty shell....lucky turtle.
    That dog reminds me of Owen Wilson.. why is that ?

  7. It's actually surprising how fast they really are! Glad you were able to find him~!