Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sundaes, Speedways & Spiders

I feel like I was gone for a month!

We certainly did enough stuff for a month!

Friday I had a client meeting, so the kids hung out with my mom for the afternoon. We hustled home so they could get to VBS with the neighbors. It was family night, so I changed into not work clothes, waited on my hubby to get home, and we headed off to see what we could see.

The VBS was based on the game show Minute to Win It, and they were having a blast. It was wrapped up with a 150 foot long Banana Split.

(Warning to Kate: The “Germ Quotient” here is probably off the charts. You may want to proceed with caution.)


It was so yummy, J was “Double Spooning” it! DSC04707When we got Saturday, it was to load things into the van and hit the road. We headed south for a quick overnight visit with my Dad & Step-mom and evening at the racetrack for the Truck race. The weather was perfect – not the ridiculous hot we’ve been dealing with.

Downside? Five hour drive to get there, five hour drive to come home, all for what was a total of about 24 hours there. Upside? We had a great time!



Todd Bodine won. He did some donuts, which may have been the kids’ favorite part. Or the cotton candy. Not sure!

When we came back to the campground where we were parked for tailgating, we found that there had been a rather large, efficient spider hard at work.

DSC04748 DSC04746


The spider wasn’t exactly attractive. After we took our pictures, we left him (her?) and it’s home alone.

Oh – and we picked up the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. J loves the books, and so we surprised the kids with it for on the road. I drove, so I’ve heard it twice, but haven’t seen it, but so far, it sounds funny!

What did  YOU do this weekend?

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  1. That spider just looks EVIL! Looks like you have had some fun action going on in your house!!! My kids love the books too! We have yet to see the movie!

  2. Wow, Todd Bodine is still around?

    If it makes you feel any better, I drove about 7 hours on Saturday for 11 hours of visiting.


  3. That spider is Freaky! It looks huge! Looks like a lot of fun times!