Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Screaming Silence

It was a little off-putting.

You asked for an opinion. I gave you one.

Another voice also spoke.

And from you?


The silence spoke volumes. It told me you THOUGHT you had a point. You THOUGHT you were right. You THOUGHT you had facts.

But when we gave you facts,

actual, solid, hard facts,

and then our opinions, as supported by those facts,

your only answer was to pretend we were not there.

That is my issue, I guess. I’m willing to have a discussion with those who are willing to discuss. I’m not likely to be swayed in my thoughts and ideas by those who are not willing to acknowledge that there is more than one side to a story.

Me? I know I’m not right all of the time. I have opinions on lots of things, but they are not always concrete. Some are. I am of the opinion that ALL men are created equal, and that we must make every effort to treat them that way as well. I am of the opinion that we must make concessions personally in order to better our fellow man, be that through monetary or physical giving. I am of the opinion that I have a responsibility to raise my children to be self-sufficient, giving, loving, and emotionally well-rounded. Those things, those opinions, are concrete for me. Other opinions can be swayed, especially if facts are presented to me that show that my opinion is based on flawed thoughts.

And if you sway my opinion? I am not afraid to say that you have. I am not embarrassed to say aloud to my fellow man that I was wrong. Or that my logic was flawed. I am not afraid to thank someone who has shown me their perspective.

Because if I am wrong, and you have shown me where I am in error, and I choose to remain silent?

Then I look ignorant.

I am a great many things, including wrong at times,

but I refuse to be ignorant.

*Ignorant:  lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified, unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

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  1. This is such a tricky issue. People often ask for opinions but what they really want is for people to tell them that they are right.

    I consider myself pretty open-minded, except for a few basic beliefs where I will not be swayed away from.

  2. ((you))

    I've learned that when people ask for an opinion, there are few that TRULY want it, rather they just want me to agree with them. Some, not all. Sad but true.

    ((you)) <--for extra measure