Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Question Friday – a vlog

Watch as I show off my dark circles, give you my thoughts on Daylight Saving Time, and point out that I am cheap. More than once.

This tirade brought to you by:

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    I'll be back when my internet decides it wants to play nice. ;)

  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Holy Daylight Saving Soapbox! I loved it! "NEWS FLASH"!!!!

    You crack me up!

  3. Thanks for sharing! And a vlog no less-that's a great idea! I hope you don't mind if I steal that idea sometime!
    Glad you back is better-my hubby got seriously injured a year before you did-I feel for you.
    My sis-in-law lives in Indiana too-I remember you all not having daylight saving time.
    Enjoyed your random sidebar tirade too!
    Have a great weekend!