Sunday, November 14, 2010

The babies are coming!

I could just bust.

I JUST was telling you all how everyone around me is having babies (did I mention how many of them are girl babies?!) and guess what?

One of those babies arrived Friday morning. (Congrats to B & B and new big sister S! And, of course, the proud Aunties and Grandparents!)

Then, later Friday afternoon, I got a text. Another mommy-to-be is facing some blood pressure issues. She’s at 36 weeks now, so it’s not horrible, but this mommy is a planner. She has gone over and over her birth plan. She’s reviewed details, made lists, and prepared herself for going into labor, a few days beyond her due date.

She is not prepared for the c-section she is likely to face if her appointment Monday doesn’t show the blood pressure in a safer range. It’s not preeclampsia yet, but it’s enough that the doctors are concerned. And while we would all rather err on the side of caution, we really are hoping for Friday to have been a fluke. For this sweet baby girl to hang with her momma for a few more weeks. For labor to start on it’s own time, and mommy to have the delivery she’s dreaming of.

Most important, of course, is that we have a healthy baby and mom, and if that means medical intervention, so be it. Would you please keep them in your prayers, especially tomorrow?

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  1. I hope everything works out for the expecting momma. I will keep positive thoughts that her blood pressure has returned to normal. My daughter had a baby girl last Tuesday (9 days late). I have noticed a trend in girls names that start with 'E'. The last 4 baby girls I know about have been named Everly, Evany, Emerson, and my daughter names hers Emily.